Do you need an aquarium filter?

One day I was feeding my fish about to go to bed when I had an idea. What if I started a fish tank without a filter on the back of it?


The next day I bought a brand new fish tank and began to set it up for the fish I had ordered. They would arrive a week later by mail. First I unboxed the tank and then rinsed it out in the bath tube. Then I placed it on my table and filled it up with water. It took a few trips to fill it since it was a 10 gallon fish tank. I then placed a sponge filter in the tank with an airline attached to it.

I added the slime coat into the tank to remove the bad bacteria from the water and prepare it for the fish that were on their way. I let the fish tank run as if there were already fish in it. I even turned the light on and off daily so some algae could start growing in it.

A week later all 9 of my guppies had arrived alive except for 3. This happens often due to ammonia spikes that can occur when too much waste is present. So that bag was down but the other two were fine so I quickly placed them in the tank to start acclimating.


After an hour I came back to release them into the tank. I fed them and went to bed. After a few months the water started to turn green and the fish were doing great. Still to this day I haven’t had any problems with parasites or frail fins. Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing and as fish keeps trying to do everything, I’ve noticed that I lost way less when I stopped doing a bunch of water changes and removing the fry. I still recommend water change, but I only do it once a month. 


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