How long do guppies take to give birth?


I wanted to make this blog to tell you the truth about how breeding fish actually works and how long it really takes to make dreams come true. I started breeding fish because I couldn’t get goats on my land. I thought goats would be easy, but of course when you are trying to control life it will never be. Since I first started selling fish I have noticed that they usually take about 40 days for them to give birth. That’s different from the 30 days that google says when searched.

So how long does it take? Well the first time your female gives birth she will take about 40 days and might only give 2-5 babies. As she gets older you will notice that she will give more fry per batch and sometimes she will take less time.

I once had a female guppy that was 3 years old. She gave birth every 20 days and gave around 15 guppies per batch. While on the other hand I had a female that took 42 days and only gave 10 per batch. And some females will just die because they can’t swim or will get too tired while giving birth.


In conclusion every female is different, but you can expect that she will give more and more as she gets older. I recommend waiting until she looks at lease looks bigger than the male guppy. As you get better at breeding you will be able to realize how big she needs to be by how her mom preformed and how many she gave. Make sure to sign up to the news letter if you want to get notified every time something new comes out.

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